Why I Always Stick To The Same Makeup


To say I have been an ~ avid ~ collector of makeup since I first started using it is a little bit of an understatement… I have a fairly large collection WHICH I DON’T USE AND IT SUCKS. I am pretty sure 90% of my makeup just sits there waiting to be used because in reality I have too much and I have my faves.

But because I am a lazy bitch after my exams and don’t like moving any further than my sofa to the fridge, I haven’t bothered clearing it out yet. I KNOW I have to because I am getting new makeup storage (I saw this lush makeup storage and now I can’t find it ANYWHERE like wtf!!) but I have to cut it down from what I have now to pretty my the bare necessities… *I am not the only one who thought of jungle book then right?!*

I am going to have that heart-break moment trying to part with my makeup, but I actually only tend to use the same 7 or 8 products over and over again. Why???? Because when I get something new I obsess over it and cannot stop using it!! It’s like I form this dependency on it!

So the products I cannot stop using include the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Garnier BB Cream, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, 3INA Brow Palette and the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Legit… that is all I use on an everyday basis. A good day = a little bit of eyeshadow or some bronzer and highlighter too… I really know how to push the boat out *eye-roll*. I am pretty speedy at doing my everyday makeup, I kinda pride myself on how I can do it in 5 mins.

Sometimes I feel like adding more makeup to my everyday routine isn’t necessary as it depends what I am doing. But let’s be honest, I have just finished college and I am lounging around at home most days so I don’t even touch my makeup.

I NEED to venture into using more makeup, but who else sticks to the same makeup bits everyday???


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20 thoughts on “Why I Always Stick To The Same Makeup

  1. I see that many girls have a large set of cosmetics, but use only a few. I think the desire to try something new pushes me to make a purchase. But my favorite makeup never fails.

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  2. I seem to end up using the same stuff as well, despite my collection! I do try to venture out of my comfort zone when I’ve got more time, but I guess we all have our favourites xxx

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  3. I use the same colors and sometime change up the brand over and over again everyday, there is no day and night makeup look for me..im 48 and still with my blue eyeliner just upgraded the brand and soft frosted shimmery pink lip..im now into all the irradiant lip colors tho, that’s been a big step <3…my daughter loves that mascara you listed by too faced..<3

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  4. I typically stick to the same makeup pieces. I use the same foundation, same highlighter, and same contour kits for forever. The only thing that I switch out kind of constantly is mascara because I always struggle finding the perfect mascara for myself!

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