Coffee or Tea Babe?


When going through my endless hours of revision, it was safe to say that the only thing that got me through having to sit at my desk for 9 hours a day straight was the abnormal amount of coffee that I drank.

*Currently* whilst writing this I am trying to binge write blog posts at the same time as bingeing Miranda on Netflix. Did I forget to mention that I also have a cup of coffee sat on my lap that I keep refilling?? Whoops.


I have never really been a tea person, I don’t like the smell of it but nearly all my friends are tea drinkers and both of my parents are. I have always wanted to be one of the ‘cool’ and FuNkY people to drink green tea. Would that make me look super sophisticated??

I started drinking coffee when I would buy the £1 iced coffees from Tesco because OH MY GOD they are insannnnnneeeee. You need to try them if you haven’t honestly! However I have never been able to recreate an iced coffee at home and they never taste good.

So have you grabbed your coffee or tea yet whilst we have a little chat?? Or it might be a hot choc! Whatever floats your boat!

Recently I have been playing around with a new coffee – well it’s not new I ~ lie ~ as I have been using it on and off for a few months – and its a SKINNY coffee. These coffees can be a little skeptical as to whether they work, but it contains natural ingredients like green tea extract, SO if you try it plz check the ingredients first.

If you want the BEST flavoured coffee you have ever tasted then head to your local TK-Maxx. I only really shop in here for the purpose of my coffees. From chocolate fudge cake, to hazelnut to salted caramel… I am hear your stomachs rumbling from me even mentioning it. Grab yourself some of this and a French press and you will be thanking me!

So from this very random blog post I hope you have had a good little read and I have also sussed that I need more Miranda in my life… you will probably find my from now on in bed with my coffee and watching Miranda forever more.

That leaves one question coffee or tea babe??


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22 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea Babe?

  1. this is such a cute post omg!! haha i must say i’m a coffee kind of girl but i do enjoy a cup of tea once in a while. if i’m studying late at night i usually make myself a nice cup of raspberry hibiscus tea! i think you’d really like that flavor!! kinda wishing i could drink one right now lol
    xo, Nora

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  2. I normally like to drink coffee and still do but lately, I have been drinking tea; hot and cold!! I have been into strawberry acai refreshers or iced green tea from Starbucks. It’s pretty good. It reminds me of the good old college days…..

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