• Happy Galentines Day

    ‘I hope you had a love filled day’

    Happy GALENTINES/palentines/valentines! Whether you are celebrating today with your bf,gf, bff, bae or whooooeeverrrrr I hope you have a love filled day. The argument as to whether VDAY is a big money making spinner or whether you should just celebrate it for the sake of it is one that toys in my mind every year, but I do hope you have a lovely day.

    BUT I am quite glad thought that it is almost over. As relationships come and go, I have had one go and for me today has just been a BIG reminder of any lack of relationship in my life – hence why I have been a moody biatttchhhhhh today *SOZ*. It has been a struggle but of course these two gins did make me forget all about that.

    Galentines > Valentines, Hoes > Bros, Ovaries > Brovaries.

    Instead, today I have been celebrating Galentines. I have some really amazing G’s in my life and if I am celebrating love I am celebrating the love I have towards them. I went to Slug and Lettuce for some lunch with my friends Sophie and Lauren (and yes I did have a gin or two). These girls have helped me sooo much and the fact we are off to London tomorrow together makes me so excited.

    I feel like Valentines is also very much a day towards self love, something in which I am proud to say that I have worked on over the last year. I never used to have any self love, I didn’t like the way I looked and had so much self doubt. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with self doubt but I can feel an improvement in myself. I do believe in the saying about how you have to love yourself first before anyone else, I don’t know why but I DO. *thats the only I do I will be saying today LOL*.

    So no, I didn’t receive any mystery cards, or bouquets of flowers, but instead I have been chilling with gin, Netflix and my duvet and thats all I need. SELF LOVE CLUB OR WHAT?

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    1. 14/02/2019 / 9:54 pm

      All about the self love šŸ„°
      Happy Valentines! šŸ’–

      • 01/03/2019 / 10:40 am

        Hope you had a good one!

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